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Explore the latest stakeholder relationship management trends, techniques, and strategies.

How to Segment Your Stakeholders & Communicate Relevant Information

Different groups of stakeholders have different priorities. To communicate with them effectively, it’s important to have a strong understanding of their needs and expectations.
keep stakeholders informed with these steps

Your Simple Guide to Keeping Stakeholders Informed

Informing stakeholders is essential to your project’s success. When you keep stakeholders in the loop, it’s easier to build positive relationships and maintain support.

How to Capture and Manage Stakeholder Information

When you are are capturing stakeholder data it’s important to have an automated system that will help you reduce errors and double handling - here's an easy three-step process.

Who are the Stakeholders in Climate Change?

Understand how to identify climate change stakeholders, navigate conflicting priorities, address misconceptions about renewables, and illuminate a clear path forward.

SRM vs CRM for Stakeholder Relationship Management

Wondering if you should use an SRM or a CRM? These two platforms are fundamentally different and are built to achieve very different tasks. We’ll explain why.

Why Consistent Messaging to Your Stakeholders is Important

We explore how to keep your stakeholders satisfied by communicating the most consistent and up-to-date information.
Maintain positive stakeholder relationships to help groups work together more effectively

7 Tactics to Maintain Positive Stakeholder Relationships

Discover how to build positive stakeholder relationships so that you can ensure that your project moves ahead smoothly.

How to Identify Influential Stakeholders

As our stakeholder networks become larger and more complicated, it’s important that we hone our stakeholder identification techniques to pinpoint and strategically engage the people with the most influence over our success.
A team optimising their stakeholder data

Introducing New Quality Controls for Your Stakeholder Data

We have just released a bundle of updates that makes it easier for you to maintain high-quality stakeholder relationship data.
A trusting team shaking hands

Are You Effectively Building Trust with Your Stakeholders

Successful projects and progressive partnerships are built on trust. However, it takes effort to build it and we can quickly lose it.
A smiling corporate affairs leader

The Growing Strategic Influence of the Corporate Affairs Leader

Increased public scrutiny and subsequent shift in investor expectations have raised the strategic influence of the corporate affairs leader.
Consultation Manager and EnviroLytical logos

Consultation Manager Partners with EnviroIssues to Acquire EnviroLytical

We are delighted to announce that Consultation Manager is partnering with EnviroIssues to acquire EnviroLytical, effective 1 January 2022.
A stakeholder engagement expert avoiding risks

How to Reduce Risk with a Stakeholder Relationship Management Platform

Stakeholders can either support your project or resist it. They can have a huge influence on your success and you need to collaborate with them.

How Stakeholder Engagement Can Accelerate Our Renewable Transition

Discover how to navigate the renewable transition and accelerate developments with a stakeholder relationship management platform.
christmas gifts wrapped in a box and fairy lights

The 5 Gifts Your Stakeholder Engagement Team Need

Get some joy from this festive round-up of practical gifts you should definitely purchase for yourself and your stakeholder engagement team.

Turn Your Stakeholder Data Into a Competitive Advantage

Here are five best practice tips that you can implement to manage your stakeholder data and turn it into a competitive advantage.
Fulton Hogan Logo Sydney Road Traffic

Case Study – Fulton Hogan’s Innovative Approach to Asset Management

Hogan's innovative and unique approach to road and asset maintenance is high level, and they've developed an integrated, connected solution to ensure all stakeholders are managed effectively.

How to Unite Your Organisation to Achieve a CSR Vision

The fortunes of businesses are inevitably linked to those of the planet, so how do you ensure your CSR is in line with the vision of your stakeholders?

The Benefits of a Consultation Manager Accreditation

Seeking accreditation in Consultation Manager helps you to understand all of the platform’s features and use it to its full capabilities.

More Confidence in Your Stakeholder Interactions

We have just released three small updates that will make a big difference to how confidently you can manage stakeholders.

What Monumental Shifts Will Define Stakeholder Engagement in 2021?

As we begin to redefine 2021, what does the "new normal" mean for us as professionals in stakeholder and community engagement?

Social Pinpoint Joins Forces with Hello Lamp Post to Lead the Industry in Digital Community Engagement

Combined, we offer more extensive community consultation, consumer research, playful engagement, and storytelling globally to empower the voices of communities and individuals.

$15.2 Billion Announced for Infrastructure in Federal Budget

The Australian Government has announced its commitment of $15.2bn over 10 years for road, rail, and community infrastructure projects.

Sneak Peek: Mapping Feature

Consultation Manager is about to release a BETA version of its feature-rich mapping tool for stakeholder engagement.

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