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Explore the latest stakeholder relationship management trends, techniques, and strategies.

Integrate Your Feedback Platform and SRM to Engage with Stakeholders
When managing significant infrastructure approvals projects, effective project management and community engagement aren't just a matter of convenience—they are a strategic move that can yield substantial benefits.
Tracking Stakeholder Complaints and Issues with an SRM
While it's nice to appreciate and oversee the positive interactions you have had with stakeholders, it is also equally important to keep an eye on and track any complaints or issues.
The 5 Gifts Your Stakeholder Engagement Team Need
Get some joy from this festive round-up of practical gifts you should definitely purchase for yourself and your stakeholder engagement team.
Defining, Managing, and Analysing Your Stakeholder Engagement Groups
When communicating with stakeholders, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re defining, managing, and analysing your stakeholder groups.
How to Reduce Risk with a Stakeholder Relationship Management Platform
Stakeholders can either support your project or resist it. They can have a huge influence on your success and you need to collaborate with them.
How You Can Enhance Social Value with an SRM
Traditional spreadsheets have proved to be a valuable tool in storing and managing stakeholder data. However, as businesses evolve, so do their requirements for effective stakeholder management.
The Value of Reflection and Building Positive Relationships
Effective communication and building positive relationships stem from knowing when to listen, speak and act. However, to understand how to interact well, you may need to dig a little deeper.
The Impact of Partially Completed Surveys in Stakeholder Engagement
If surveys are only partly filled out or contain unanswered questions from respondents, it can raise legal and ethical concerns that may influence and impact stakeholder engagement.
Community Engagement vs. Stakeholder Engagement: What’s the Difference?
Dive into the key differences, distinctions, and similarities of community engagement and stakeholder engagement to discover the best approach.
Choosing Communication Channels for Stakeholder Engagement
Let's explore the significance of communication channels in stakeholder engagement, providing insights to aid your selection of well-suited channels tailored to your stakeholders' specific requirements.
5 Stakeholder Engagement Essentials for Transport Projects
By understanding your stakeholders' perceptions, you can truly raise the profile of transport projects and build community ownership of outcomes. Let’s explore the five essential considerations for stakeholder engagement in transport.
Turn Complaints into Positive Relationship Building
Complaints and grievances with stakeholders can be inevitable. But while these issues may initially seem like roadblocks, they also present an opportunity for growth and positive relationship building.
Boosting Organisational Reputation with Transparent Stakeholder Management
A transparent stakeholder management strategy can help enhance the reputation of an organisation, build trust, and drive long-term benefits.
How Stakeholder Engagement Tackles Infrastructure Challenges
The success of infrastructure projects relies heavily on positive and effective stakeholder engagement. Despite the potential benefits, stakeholder engagement in infrastructure projects can be challenging.
Your Go-to Guide on Stakeholder Mapping
How do you know which stakeholders will impact your project? Stakeholder mapping enables business operations to visualise and analyse their list of stakeholders in a geographical manner.
10 Tips to Successfully Track and Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
Do you monitor how frequently you communicate with your stakeholders? If not, then understanding how you can successfully track and monitor your stakeholder engagement should be a priority.
Conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment with your SRM
Understanding and gathering the unique insights, concerns, and suggestions from affected stakeholders is critical for the EIA process. Here is how an SRM will help.
Why Spreadsheets Will Disrupt Stakeholder Data Management
Stakeholder engagement is not static, and therefore, a static solution such as a spreadsheets will disrupt your stakeholder data management.
The Do’s and Don’ts When Communicating with Stakeholders
It’s essential for companies to communicate with their stakeholders on a regular basis to build better relationships, understand their needs and concerns, and keep them consistently informed and updated.
5 Strategies to Deal with Difficult Stakeholders
We all know organisations depend on stakeholders. They are integral to projects and their success. But, what do you do when you’re met with complaints, pushbacks, and negative interactions?
How to Enhance Your Stakeholder Management Strategy with an SRM
When a stakeholder management strategy is executed well, it can vastly improve the outcomes of a project. Using an SRM to optimise and support your strategy can make a world of difference.
How to Document Your Land Access Agreements
Here's how you can effectively develop and document your land access agreements to ensure you are meeting any legal and social obligations.
Using Templates to Reduce Repetitive Data Input
How do you simplify record creation in one step? Reduce repetitive data input. Finding opportunities for automation can drastically reduce the time and energy spent on data entry, and Templates are a great option.
How to Communicate With Stakeholders When Sentiment is Negative
When you’re working on a major project, it’s likely that you’ll encounter conflicting stakeholder needs. Here's a six-step process to help you communicate with stakeholders, even when sentiment is negative.

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