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Spend more time building valuable relationships

Build trusting, transparent, and collaborative stakeholder relationships by keeping track of important issues, responding to stakeholder requests, and distributing timely communications with ease.

Spend more time building valuable stakeholder relationships with Consultation Manager

Engage with ease

Consultation Manager’s SMS and email tools will help you keep your stakeholders in the loop. You can also save your email interactions and avoid double handling.  

Deliver the right message with confidence by segmenting your stakeholder groups and reading the room before you hit send.

  • SMS and email tools to communicate important project updates quickly.
  • Complaints module to ensure that important issues are addressed.
  • Customisable workflows to keep your engagement efforts on track.

Right message, right time

Since every interaction with every stakeholder can be easily recorded, you can unpack the history of any relationship at any time. Go into any conversation with the right understanding and the right information. 

By being armed with context the next time you communicate, you don’t have to ask any team member for assistance or reassurance. 

  • View snapshot reports and understand your relationship history.
  • Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device.
  • Accurately save email interactions to avoid double-handling.

Proactively manage risks

Store your stakeholder data in one secure hub so that you can easily identify risks as they arise. Track sentiment trends, complaints, and emerging conversation themes throughout your project so that you can deal with issues proactively. 

Keep track of all engagements, agreements, and commitments so that you can manage compliance and report quickly.

  • Tracking themes and sentiment to proactively avoid issues.
  • Gathering real-time stakeholder feedback via webforms.
  • Showcasing their engagement efforts for compliance.

Stakeholder management success starts here

Access incredible hands on support from our team

Intuitive Setup and Support

Access our support guides, live chat, or customer success team at any time.

Customise your system for your team's strategy

Customised for Your Team

Customise your setup and gather the information you need from the get-go.

Get real time insights and analytics with Consultation Manager

Real-Time Insights

Keep your finger on the pulse with our powerful reporting and effective analytics tools.

Consultation manager is a secure and compliant platform

Secure and Compliant

Know that your stakeholder data is safe and compliant in our cloud-based platform.

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stakeholder relationships.

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