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Your SRM for Compliant Environmental Impact Statements

Enhance environmental outcomes and reduce your impact, while delivering on budget and on time.

Find the best path forward

Consultation Manager helps you understand stakeholders’ environmental concerns so that you can track which topics are coming up the most and use that data to be proactive in your decision-making. This enables you to act on more prominent environmental concerns and allocate resources to the appropriate areas of the business to meet compliance requirements and demonstrate real change to communities.


Identify potential impacts

Customise your Consultation Manager system to capture the exact information you require from your stakeholders in order to identify environmental impacts.

Common themes, issues, and sentiment will allow you to pinpoint rising concerns from key stakeholder groups. Consultation Manager’s ‘Event Statistics’ report will showcase a breakdown of all issues and impacts that have been voiced by your stakeholders.

Monitor and mitigate

Record and analyse your interactions with every stakeholder and uncover the best way to monitor and mitigate your environmental impacts over time.

By capturing your stakeholder interactions throughout the consultation period, you can quickly identify and report on potential impacts as they arise. Consultation Manager will help you instantly identify shifts in feedback, sentiment, or impacts as they arise.

Share compliant records

Ensuring that all stakeholders are consulted and engaged in the impact identification process, can lead to more sustainable outcomes as feedback is properly collected, analysed, and acted upon.

Access the full history of what has been said to every stakeholder, and ensure the appropriate documentation is always up to date. This will allow you to generate compliant environmental and social impact statements with ease.

Start building better relationships today


Consultation Manager gives you a safe, compliant, and sophisticated way to capture every stakeholder interaction you have in a customisable platform. 


Access 360° insights throughout your entire project and detect interesting connections between stakeholders, issues, information, interactions, and sentiment.


Equip your team with the history of every stakeholder relationship so that you can inform, consult, and engage with them in a meaningful way, across multiple channels.

Learn how you can enhance your EIS process with Consultation Manager.

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