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Our Story

Consultation Manager was founded in 2003 to meet the need for better stakeholder engagement data management. After working in community consultation for five years, Co-Founder Colin McEown realised that geographically dispersed teams working on large projects needed a better way to capture and share their stakeholder data.

And so, the first web-based stakeholder and community engagement management platform was born, long before being in ‘the cloud’ became mainstream.

Since those humble beginnings Consultation Manager has been based in Brisbane and proud to call the suburb of Teneriffe home. It's where you’ll find all our Leadership, Support, Customer Success and Product Development teams.

Consultation Manager is part of the MySite Group of companies that provides an integrated suite of innovative software solutions to drive better outcomes from stakeholder and community engagement.

In 2018 Social Pinpoint joined the MySite group. Social Pinpoint provides fun and interactive tools for community and stakeholder engagement such as surveys, forums, virtual town halls, interactive maps, ideas walls, participatory budgeting, project websites, etc. Its integration with Consultation Manager enables you to feed community consultation data straight into Consultation Manager for ongoing engagement management.



Craig Chudleigh

CEO | Director

Before Consultation Manager, Craig worked in investment banking in Asia for 15 years, where he developed an understanding or the skills required to produce a stable, happy, productive workplace.


Andrew McKay

Chair of Board of Directors

Before Consultation Manager, Andrew worked in London and Brisbane as a management accountant, and prior to that up in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory in aboriginal communities as a Council Accountant and Town Clerk.

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