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Stakeholder Relationship Management for Infrastructure

Create a central information hub for every relationship across your entire stakeholder network.

Record every interaction with every single stakeholder

Infrastructure projects impact a vast number of diverse stakeholder groups across an expansive geographic area. Whether you’re working on rail networks, roads, maritime services, or airports, your joint effort between government and industry needs to navigate a wide range of complex stakeholder relationships from point to point and end to end. Consultation Manager makes it easy to track interactions and engage with these stakeholders effectively throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Deliver compliant communications

From consultants, government, operators, media, and community members, you need to work with a lot of people for your project to be a success. Whether they’re impacted by your buffer zone, travel along your transport corridor, or are within the local community, keeping these stakeholders informed at every stage is critical. 

With Consultation Manager, you can access the full history of what has been said to every stakeholder for reporting and compliance, and get all the context you need before sending updates with our SMS and email tools. 

Track sentiment and mitigate risks

Your goal is to enhance public utility while delivering on budget and on time. We understand the sensitive nature of certain project risks and how important it is for confidential documents and agreements, such as property acquisitions, to be recorded reliably. 

Consultation Manager helps you to record and analyse your consultations, while proactively monitoring complaints, sentiment, and emerging issues about environmental impacts, pollution, and land access as they arise. 

Attract the right media attention, deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders, and avoid project delays. 

Boost collaboration

Consultation Manager boosts knowledge sharing and collaboration across large-scale, geographically dispersed teams. Anyone in your team can input your data straight into your secure, cloud-based platform from anywhere.

You can also customise your data capture tools so that you have the right information at any moment. Share accurate updates and maintain an up-to-date source of truth on your stakeholder relationships easily. 

Start building better relationships today


Consultation Manager gives you a safe, compliant, and sophisticated way to capture every stakeholder interaction you have in a customisable platform. 


Access 360° insights throughout your entire project and detect interesting connections between stakeholders, issues, information, interactions, and sentiment.


Equip your team with the history of every stakeholder relationship so that you can inform, consult, and engage with them in a meaningful way, across multiple channels.

Start building better
stakeholder relationships.

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