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Streamlined analysis and reporting

Stakeholder relationships are dynamic. That’s why you need robust reporting tools that help you to identify and prioritise your stakeholders based on their influence and impact.

Monitor their ongoing perceptions of your organisation, and learn how to best engage with them.
Keep your finger on the pulse with Consultation Manager

Keep your finger on the pulse

Select from a variety of out-of-the-box or custom reports so that you can track your engagement throughout your entire project. 

Stakeholder management is all about ‘reading the room’ and Consultation Manager will help you to spot trending issues or changes in sentiment before a situation unfolds.

  • Easily break down your communication data and view the top issues raised across your projects over time.
  • Accurately keep track of all engagements, agreements, and commitments for compliance purposes.

Access 360° insights throughout your project

Create meaningful connections between all of your data points to visualise dynamic stakeholder relationships and proactively manage your activity. Easily map influential relationships, uncover priority stakeholder groups, and spot gaps in important information. 

  • Use our powerful search tool to layer criteria, cross-reference data, and find related records.
  • View your live dashboard at any time to get an instant overview and quickly identify anything that needs attention.
  • Export your data and easily embed visual charts into your own reporting presentations.

Monitor your progress and improve productivity

Set up notifications and prompts that keep you responsive and on track. Our dashboard helps you follow action items and overdue tasks to make sure you never miss a beat. 

You will know if you are reaching your engagement targets or not with our data visualisations and tracking.

  • Pinpointing top engagement channels and stakeholders reached.
  • Tracking themes and issues and storing valuable insights for future projects.
  • Populating our reporting modules and stakeholder mapping tools with live data for instant insights.

Stakeholder management success starts here

Access incredible hands on support from our team

Intuitive Setup and Support

Access our support guides, live chat, or customer success team at any time.

Customise your system for your team's strategy

Customised for Your Team

Customise your setup and gather the information you need from the get-go.

Get real time insights and analytics with Consultation Manager

Real-Time Insights

Keep your finger on the pulse with our powerful reporting and effective analytics tools.

Consultation manager is a secure and compliant platform

Secure and Compliant

Know that your stakeholder data is safe and compliant in our cloud-based platform.

Start building better
stakeholder relationships.

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