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Your SRM for Tracking Issues and Managing Complaints Effectively

Build trust with a systematic and transparent complaint management process.

Be proactive in complaint management

Preventing problems is often a much better solution than fixing a larger issue that has already occurred. Consultation Manager empowers your team to remain proactive by introducing intelligent reporting and analysis. Reduce the number of complaints received and remain efficient in your risk-mitigation with the help of a purpose-built platform.


Be responsive

Proactively monitor sentiment and ensure responses are timely by setting up complaint alerts and workflows.

We understand that your responses to complaints need to be informative and timely. With Consultation Manager you have instant access to all prior stakeholder history, so you can remain confident in providing the most appropriate and helpful response. Ensure complaints are given extra attention by your team members by assigning timely follow-up tasks when required. 

Mitigate risk in real-time

Mitigate any risks to your project’s success by tracking and responding to complaints in real time. 

Consultation Manager allows you to confirm with stakeholders that grievances have been handled in a compliant way. By managing complaints in one system you have a single archive of complaint data that can be reported upon and analysed. Remain aware of how overall complaint management is performing and use this data to benchmark future strategies and initiatives to further mitigate risk. 

Uncover insights

Track emerging themes and identify the root cause of recurring complaints so your stakeholders feel heard and considered.

When you can easily monitor topics or issues that are consistently arising you are able to remain proactive in your communications. This means you can not only understand what aspects of your strategy need to be reviewed but ensure your stakeholder engagement is addressing these topics effectively. 

Start building better relationships today


Consultation Manager gives you a safe, compliant, and sophisticated way to capture every stakeholder interaction you have in a customisable platform. 


Access 360° insights throughout your entire project and detect interesting connections between stakeholders, issues, information, interactions, and sentiment.


Equip your team with the history of every stakeholder relationship so that you can inform, consult, and engage with them in a meaningful way, across multiple channels.

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