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Stakeholder Relationship Management for Renewables

Remain proactive in maintaining positive stakeholder relationships within your project communities.

Drive your renewable initiatives forward

Build comprehensive records of your stakeholder interactions to drive funding, investment, and progress on your renewable energy projects. Our reporting tools also help you to meet compliance requirements with ease, while keeping residents and property owners in the loop.

Record every interaction with every single stakeholder

You need to engage with a wide range of community stakeholders to drive your project forward. Producing your Environmental Impact Statements and obtaining leases, land access agreements, and funding is far easier when you have a comprehensive record of all of your stakeholder interactions, government liaison, and media activity.

Keep your community in the loop

Proactively monitor sentiment, complaints, and emerging issues about community impact, noise pollution, and land access as they arise. Consultation Manager helps you to attract the right media attention, deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders, and avoid project delays. 

You can also access the full history of what has been said to every stakeholder for reporting and compliance, and get all the context you need before sending updates with our SMS and email tools. 

Run your projects on track and on time​

Consultation Manager makes team collaboration and knowledge sharing easy. Your entire team can update and access your secure, online stakeholder management platform from anywhere. Customise your data capture tools to ensure your team members are gathering the right information at all times, consistently. 

Start building better relationships today


Consultation Manager gives you a safe, compliant, and sophisticated way to capture every stakeholder interaction you have in a customisable platform. 


Access 360° insights throughout your entire project and detect interesting connections between stakeholders, issues, information, interactions, and sentiment.


Equip your team with the history of every stakeholder relationship so that you can inform, consult, and engage with them in a meaningful way, across multiple channels.

Start building better
stakeholder relationships.

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