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Stakeholder Relationship Management for Government

Create better stakeholder relationships and enhance public outcomes within your community.

Balance community and stakeholder needs​

You can only meet the community’s needs once you understand them. We understand that government organisations are complex and require a flexible and centralised approach to effectively manage your community’s interactions. Consultation Manager helps you to maintain an accurate record of your engagement, break down information silos, and turn your insights into action through advanced reporting and connected stakeholder data.

Build trust through transparency

Building trust is essential for governance and it’s built through collaboration and transparency. Consultation Manager makes it easier for you to gather and account for a wide range of perspectives from your stakeholders and honestly communicate how they have impacted your decision.

Reduce double-handling and maintain quality data

To facilitate growth, development, and progression you need to see the bigger picture while maintaining a granular attention to detail.

Consultation Manager has easy-to-use and customisable data capture tools that allow you to record and analyse a rich history of stakeholder interactions and use the context to inform sustainable and informed decision-making. 

Store your data securely​

Data-sharing enables informed governance and we’re living in a world where the value and volume of data are growing exponentially.

Consultation Manager helps your entire team capture stakeholder data quickly, freeing up more time for them to spend on strategy, planning, and relationship-building. It will become your evergreen information hub, which enables succession planning and data integrity.

Start building better relationships today


Consultation Manager gives you a safe, compliant, and sophisticated way to capture every stakeholder interaction you have in a customisable platform. 


Access 360° insights throughout your entire project and detect interesting connections between stakeholders, issues, information, interactions, and sentiment.


Equip your team with the history of every stakeholder relationship so that you can inform, consult, and engage with them in a meaningful way, across multiple channels.

Start building better
stakeholder relationships.

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