The only stakeholder engagement software you'll ever need

Cloud-based knowledge sharing platform for effective stakeholder engagement. Record custom data, automate and track interactions, tasks, and actions and report at any stage for deep insights.

Record quality data

Store all of your stakeholder and interaction data in one easily accessible place for your organisation or project team.
Custom data structure

Capture the exact data that your organisation requires for stakeholder engagement tracking and reporting.

Simple data entry

All records follow a consistent workflow and record view, offering an intuitive and easy way to navigate through your data.

Data relationships

Create a variety of relationships between your data by linking records to one another to show relationships between Stakeholders, Properties, Events and other record types.

Access anywhere

Access your data from anywhere you have access to the internet, on any device.

Import existing data

Flexible importing allows for hassle-free data imports, allowing you to easily move your data from spreadsheets into Consultation Manager.

Inbound email

Automatically save your email interactions with Stakeholders to make sure you have a copy of every email and avoid manual data entry.

Webform inputs

Webforms allow you to collect data in Consultation Manager directly from your stakeholders, without the need to double handle or import.


Integrate with other tools used within your organisation to ensure all of your data is kept in one place. Developers can even leverage our open API to integrate your existing systems.

Track and update

Consultation Manager ensures you can feel confident in knowing you have all the facts and data when it’s needed.
Stakeholder info

Capture and track all information on your Stakeholder to allow for quick referencing and more ways to analyse your data.

Engagement themes and sentiment

Track themes and sentiment of your stakeholder engagement in order to understand the top issues surrounding your projects.

Workflow (actions)

Report on the volume and nature of your consultation, including subsequent action items.

Ensure accountability for follow-up activity with our standard workflow, creating actions for completion.


Identify your Stakeholder pain points and ensure issues that have the potential to impact your projects are tracked and address through our Complaints module.

Community Contributions

Keep track of all Community Contributions provided to relevant Stakeholders and Organisations in your Project area.


Ensure you are always complying with community engagement requirements.


Use our SMS feature to communicate important information, such as project updates and road closures with your Stakeholders.

Report and analyse

Simple data reporting makes it easy to analyse your data as often as you need.
Project dashboard

Our tailored Dashboard is the quickest way to view a snapshot of your general Project engagement and interaction statistics at both a system and individual project level.


A powerful search allows you to layer criteria and cross-reference your data by searching related records.

Full history report

About to meet with a Stakeholder, received a request for information or heading into a meeting with your team? Quickly run a Snapshot report to get the full history of any record in the system.

Monthly statistics report

Quick and easy reporting on your engagement topics, sentiment, and communication channels with statistics reports presented in a table and visual format.

Data visualisation

Powerful reports provide with you easy to understand data visualization.


Easily export any data you record to save a backup copy or use it in other software such as email marketing tools.

Free Consultation

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