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Streamline and synchronise your stakeholder relationships

Consultation Manager allows you to take full control of your engagement strategy and tailor your platform to align directly with your processes, language, and terminology. 

As your centralised stakeholder relationship management platform, Consultation Manager operates as your single source of truth to help you understand your stakeholders’ perceptions, engage strategically, and build better relationships.


Capture data and gather insights seamlessly

Every stakeholder interaction is valuable. Build a centralised source of information on your stakeholder relationships and customise your data structure to capture the exact information your organisation needs. 

A flexible system

Consultation Manager allows you to customise your data capture tools so you are always gathering the right information.

Easily import existing data

Flexible importing allows for hassle-free data imports. Easily move your data from spreadsheets into Consultation Manager.

Securely capture data

Your team and approved third parties, such as consultants and advisors, can input data from any device, at any time. 


Streamlined analysis and reporting

Stakeholder relationships are dynamic. That’s why you need robust reporting tools that help you to identify and prioritise your stakeholders based on their influence and impact.

Project dashboard

Our tailored dashboard is the quickest way to view a snapshot of your general project engagement and interaction statistics. 

Access 360° insights, always

Easily map influential relationships, uncover priority stakeholder groups, and spot gaps in important information. 

Improve productivity

You will know if you are reaching your engagement targets or not with our data visualisations and tracking.


Spend more time building valuable relationships

Build trusting, transparent, and collaborative stakeholder relationships by keeping track of important issues, responding to stakeholder requests, and distributing timely communications with ease.

Engage with ease

Confidently deliver the right message with Consultation Manager’s SMS and email tools to keep your stakeholders in the loop. 

Right message, right time

With reliable stakeholder history, you can go into any conversation with the right understanding and the right information. 

Proactively manage risks

By storing your stakeholder data in one secure hub, you can easily identify risks as they arise and respond swiftly.

Set your team up for
stakeholder success

Here to support you

We have built an extensive knowledge base of support documentation for stakeholder engagement expertise. Our customers can access our support guides, live chat, and customer success team at any time. 

Unparalleled security

Consultation Manager is ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 accredited. Remain confident in knowing that you are working with a quality information management system. 

Start building better
stakeholder relationships.

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