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Working Remotely: Tips from our Team

Colin – CTO

Social Pinpoint/ Consultation Manager

“Working from home means you don’t have to stick to 9-5. Use the time to embrace flexibility and take that walk at 2pm or your morning gym session at 10”

Ollie – Head of Operations

Social Pinpoint

“Avoid distractions! some people work better with background noise but, Netflix can be a slippery slope towards laying on the couch.”

Nicholas – Customer Success

Social Pinpoint

“Sticking to my normal routine as If I was going into the office”

Zoe – Head of Support & Product

Consultation Manager

“Get out of your PJs! It’s tempting to stay cosy in pyjamas, but doesn’t get you in the right headspace and could get awkward if you have to do a surprise screen-share.”

Kurt – Customer Success

Social Pinpoint

“Take the opportunity to try a new routine. Gym in the afternoon, get up at 5am to plan your day are just some ideas”

Jon – Head of Account Management

Consultation Manager

“Try going for a walk in the morning before you start work or lunch time! Getting out of the house for a short period of time does wonders for your energy levels whilst working from home.”

Geoff – Developer

Social Pinpoint

“Invest in a good home workspace, ensure it’s comfortable and enjoyable to spend time at.”

Melissa – Marketing

Social Pinpoint

“Get outside and go for a walk! Your dog will love you for it and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next thing on your list.”

Brittany – Customer Success

Consultation Manager

“Sit at a table or desk. No couch or bed!”

Tessa – Customer Success

Social Pinpoint

“Eat a healthy lunch that includes veggies to help fight against the afternoon slump.”

Sam – Developer

Social Pinpoint

“Make sure you have your day planned out as much as you can – distractions won’t be as tempting when you get on a roll”

Shruti – Customer Success

Consultation Manager

“Pets can be distracting when working from home, so try to limit your cuddles to 3-4 during work hours”

Kat – Customer Success

Consultation Manager

“Set up a “work” space and routine. Keep household chores and couch relaxing outside work hours – but tell the others in your house when NOT to disturb you!”

Hopefully, some of these help you when working remotely but rest assured, our team at Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint is ready to help you out from anywhere, contact us anytime with questions.

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