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Why Engage? We ask Seqwater

Seqwater is South East Queensland’s bulk water authority, operating and maintaining an extensive network of dams, treatment plants, reservoirs and pipelines to provide a safe, secure and reliable bulk water supply to the region.

Seqwater also provides essential flood mitigation and irrigation services, and manages recreation facilities visited by almost 2.6 million people every year.  Members of the community interact with Seqwater’s park rangers, communication and recreation teams, engineers, operators and contractors on a daily basis.

We ask Seqwater’s Corporate and Community Relations Manager Liz Kearins, to share some insights into why they engage:


At Seqwater, our vision is “Healthy communities, prosperous region”, and our purpose is partnering to deliver safe, secure and cost-effective water and catchment services to our customers and communities.

To make that vision a reality, we need to work collaboratively with our communities, customers, industry, stakeholders and government. We also need to be able to collect and curate data which provides insights into the communities we serve. In striving to work in partnership with others wherever we can, we need to be able to engage actively, achieve a high level of satisfaction with our stakeholders and customers, and identify opportunities to improve.

With many organisations putting in place dedicated resources and policies to manage stakeholder and community engagement, the importance of these activities is only going to rise. And although the days of sticky notes on the wall are not quite over yet, organisations are looking to innovation and technology to help engage with more people, more efficiently, and in a more meaningful way.

Want to learn how other organisations manage their stakeholder and community engagement? Download the free information sheet for your industry.


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