Stakeholder Information

Consultation Manager allows you to easily capture and efficiently handle all of your stakeholder data to help manage your relationships. You will have the ability to collate all information on Stakeholders that may be in multiple softwares or spreadsheets. This information is then quickly accessible for Reporting and analytical purposes.



Consultation Manager’s brand new SMS tool allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your Stakeholders or Users. This allows organisations to rapidly alert Stakeholders of urgent matters, or simply provide project updates to keep everybody in the loop.

Risk mitigation & piece of mind

Proactively manage risk


Themes and sentiment

Tag each interaction recorded with the theme or issue raised by stakeholders to stay on top of what’s being said about your projects. You can then use this valuable data to feed into decisions about future projects.

Each interaction can also be tagged with sentiment to give an understanding of the general impression that your organisation has on the community.



Capture the specific details around your complaints including their communication channel, target resolution date & the primary issues identified through our complaints record. Create meaningful connections between your complaints raised and Stakeholders, allowing the accurate tracking of issues across varying Stakeholder Groups.

Easily break down your complaints data and view the top issues raised across your Projects over the course of the last week, month & year.



Make sure you are able to accurately and quickly report to external bodies or internally by keeping track of all engagements, agreements and commitments.

Organize & inform your team

Seemless workflows

Community Contributions

With Community Contribution Tracking you can be sure that you can quickly report on who in your community has received or been denied funding.

This allows for quick cross-referencing between how contributions may be affecting your sentiment with Stakeholders and the community. In the long run, you will be able to start to form trends on what funding is the most effective for your projects.


Workflow (actions)

Ensure accountability with automated email reminders and track performance with searches, reporting and dashboard views. This allows you to feel confident that you can easily assign actions to colleagues and other system users, set deadlines and advise supervisors.


A powerful community engagement suite


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