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Steve and Jack take on the UK

Have you ever gone on an adventure to a place you’ve never been to before? Maybe the destination was a foreign land, or perhaps you went camping for the first time.

How did you feel entering unknown territory? Were you excited and full of enthusiasm to begin your day? Or were you scared, even a little anxious of the road ahead?

We’ve all been there. Some of us love a new adventure, others prefer to stay in the known, but no matter what we choose, it doesn’t stop us from living our lives. Steve and Jack from Safety Pinpoint are ready to live life from a different lens. They’re heading to the United Kingdom (UK) for, let’s say a ‘holiday.’ Except, this isn’t your ordinary holiday. In fact, they’re taking on a challenge. More on this later.

Steve and Jack are hard-working business professionals. You’ll often find Steve connecting people or resources with projects, adventuring, business coaching and mentoring as well as developing and maintaining close involvement in private equity investments. But don’t let this fool you, you’ll also catch the boys going out for a morning run or gym session. They’re not afraid of an adventure. This is exactly what makes them perfect candidates for their UK challenge.

What is this challenge? What does London have anything to do with the pair?

Steve and Jack have decided to put their businessman and adventure skills to the test. They’re heading over to the UK to live off virtually nothing for a certain amount of time. I say a “certain amount of time,” because even the boys don’t know when they’ll return. Two weeks is the goal. Will they survive and extend the adventure for a longer period? Or will they fall and return after a week? Guess we’ll find out.

The challenge.

We’ve given Steve and Jack a bare minimum daily budget. It’s enough to give them a sleeping bag to rest in and basic food. If they want to get a hotel for the night or a nice meal, they will need to pass our tests. Some of the tests include networking with locals and forming business relationships. If successful, they’ll receive the resources they need to spend the night in comfort. Fail, and it’s a night in the sleeping bag.

I caught up with Steve to find out his thoughts on the adventure.

“Safety Pinpoint is a globally relevant tool and I’m willing to stake a lot of discomfort on proving this assumption is correct. We’re fortunate to be able to travel lightly and as we’ve scheduled meetings in London, I had the feeling of why not challenge ourselves to live based on our daily performance? Nothing like consequences to motivate oneself!

Our intent will be to cover as much ground as possible and to present to and hopefully secure clients who have the need of our product. We know Safety Pinpoint will create great efficiencies in safety management, hazard identification and response times with consequential savings in budgets, time and corporate reputation – meaning we’re also willing to back ourselves and eat and sleep each night based on how well we do.

Most corporates see these types of trips as a ‘junket’ or one which gives them the opportunity to have a bit of a holiday. We’ve decided we’ll build in a sense of urgency and get marked on how we fare and correlate that directly to our comfort every day. Here’s hoping we get a snug warm bed in a reasonable establishment and a hearty and warm English meal every day.”

How will Steve and Jack go? Will they triumph or fly back to Australia before the challenge is over? There’s only one way to find out. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.


Jessica Goerke (MO)


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