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Spotlight On: Consultation Manager’s John Steyntjes


Our Spotlight Series recognises the people doing great things in our industry, giving you a behind-the-scenes look into what makes them tick.

We kick off with a post on our very own John Steyntjes, a recent addition to the Consultation Manager Business Development team, whose stakeholder engagement background and talent for building relationships have thrown him into the spotlight.

John Steyntjes | Account Manager & Business Development

John came to us from Water Corporation – where, after gaining solid corporate communication experience, he moved into the growing field of stakeholder engagement. His 20 years of high-level industry experience, combined with PR and Communications qualifications has equipped him with a wealth of knowledge.

John first came across Consultation Manager while still at Water Corporation. Recognising the value, he championed the implementation of the software within the organisation and quickly came to love the capabilities, efficiencies, and features it offers [read the case study here].

John is an award-winning communications practitioner, whose knowledge, experience and in-depth understanding of Consultation Manager brings great value to our team.

What makes John tick?

John hit the ground running at Consultation Manager, winning a client before even stepping foot in the office!

John’s passion for meeting people and building relationships is at the core of his work and he spends his days helping clients get the most out of the system. He finds fulfillment in helping people and organisations by leading them to beneficial change.


So here’s something you won’t find on his resume – John has always had a knack for making things “happen”.

A young and eager John was passionate about racing motocross.  After he retired from the sport, he became Chairman of the Western Australian Motocross Committee to promote the sport and was a member of the marketing committee that promoted the first ever World Motocross des Nations event in Australia.  Held in 1992, it was a huge success and it attracted around 20,000 spectators – the largest ever crowd at a motocross event in Australia.

A young John Steyntjes (far right) in Czechoslovakia with the Australian Motocross

Like to say hi?

John’s extensive experience with the software as both a manager and a user, and now, as part of the team, makes him an invaluable asset to engagement projects.

If you’d like to know more about how John can help your organisation implement a stakeholder engagement CRM, let us know at


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