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Register Your SMS ID – Alphanumeric

Here’s where you can register your appropriate SMS ID for Consultation Manager for an alphanumeric phrase. 

As of 13th July, 23, all sending via unregistered SMS has been disabled as a result of Australian legislation to combat fraud/spoofing via deceptive SMS via unregistered alphanumeric names.

What is an ‘Alphanumeric’ Sender ID? In some countries the Sender ID displayed to a message recipient can display a custom alphanumeric phrase like the company’s name or service instead of a long-code (phone number) or short-code.

What is a ‘Number Only’ Sender ID? In the case that you are happy with your SMS coming from a dedicated number in the form of +61 400 000 000, we can register this for you. 

What does this form do? This form is a request to create an Alphanumeric Sender ID. Consultation Manager will register this for you with our SMS provider. If you are wanting to set up a custom Number-Only Sender ID instead, please fill out this form.