Custom data structure

Highly customisable data structure to help you capture the exact information needed for your Stakeholder and Community Engagement requirements.

Your Stakeholders, Properties and Events will come with default fields and the capability for custom fields, which can be used for searching, reporting, and tracking.


Simple and easy data entry

Input mandatory fields and related records to promote quality data capture.

This is a great way to customise categories and tags using your organisational vocabulary, ensuring data is categorised correctly for reporting purposes.

Add & update stakeholder data

Anywhere, anytime


Access Anywhere

Mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform, meaning you can access your data from anywhere you have internet access. When accessing from a phone or tablet, you can view, edit and add data directly within your browser. Quick links also allow you to email or call a stakeholder directly from the system.


Inbound email

To streamline your data entry process, every Project or Program in your database has it’s own email address. This allows you to easily forward all interactions and files sent via email with the confidence that all information is automatically associated with existing records and stakeholders.



Leverage our supported integration with Social PinPoint & Mailchimp to seamlessly sync your interactions across all three systems. Build your Stakeholder Distribution Lists in Consultation Manager for use in Mailchimp or automatically populate your Social PinPoint comments directly into Consultation Manager for use in your reporting.

Connect, view and update your records via our dynamic REST API to integrate with your existing database or extend the functionality of your internal systems.



Build your own webform in the system to allow your community to provide you with feedback or sign up to a distribution list without needing to double handle their information. Consultation Manager provides an embed code, which can be placed on your website with your own branding and style for hassle-free data capture directly from your stakeholders.

Flexible for new & existing data

Your data, your way

Data relationships

Easily explore related data via individual record views, search and reporting.

Search your data via related records to allow better understanding around follow-up activities related to priority stakeholders, or identify properties that have been the subject of negative engagement.

Define the nature of the relationship between two records by attributing a value to that relationship such as “owner-occupier” or “tenant” for a Stakeholder-Property relationship.


Import existing data

The Import tool makes it simple to include data from spreadsheets and other stakeholder engagement tools to ensure that all of your engagement data is kept in one place.


A powerful community engagement suite


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