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New feature release! Lotus Notes Add-in

Consultation Manager are excited to announce its newest add-in feature! Specifically designed for our clients using Lotus Notes, you’ll now be able to import data directly to your system – saving time, reducing double handling and protecting your sensitive information.

Whatever the occasion or reason, we have all been pushed to our limits when a stakeholder has contacted you via email and continues to bombard you with critical information. Reaching deadlines becomes difficult, resources are stretched; you need to brief your team, issue a press release and run reports for relevant government bodies.

Our new Lotus Notes add-in will allow you achieve this in a fraction of the time it once took.


1. Keep Track of All Your Communications and Save Time

This add-in allows you to upload emails directly from Lotus Notes to Consultation Manager without switching windows, reducing double handling of data and saving you time. We know that you and your team are busy, which is why we have eliminated the need to manually enter your communications separately into our management tool.

2. Protect Highly Sensitive Data and Reduce Stress

We understand that you are handling information that is highly sensitive and that data security is vitally important to you. Reducing double handling means that your data enjoys a greater level of protection from error.

3. Enjoy the Easy-to-Use Interface

You will appreciate the seamless and easy-to-use interface. You can access it anytime, anywhere. Is your team geographically dispersed? You’ll be able to share communications and updates with them easily and directly from Lotus Notes to Consultation Manager. This will reduce delays in your project and improve the efficiency and productivity of all your team members, saving time and reducing stress.

Start using our Lotus Notes add-in

Significantly improving your internal processes, we aim to assist in assurance that nothing will slip through the cracks; no vital piece of information will go missing, no email will be ignored, and no crucial communication deadline missed.

Our seamless Lotus Notes add-in will improve productivity and efficiency while reducing stress.

Download our Lotus Notes add-in now!


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