Is Engagement Changing Forever?

Digital, cloud based engagement and consultation tools have been growing in popularity for some time, but in recent weeks, their importance for managing consultation and engagement activities has been increased dramatically.


The complete cessation of face to face engagement strategies has meant that stakeholders can only be reached by tools such as email, phone, sms, video conferences, surveys and webforms. Traditional town hall meetings and on-site info sessions are off the table in a self-isolating, socially distanced world.


Combine this with the disruption to projects, activities and communities right now- which is increasing the need for engagement and information sharing- and the new remote working environment we’re all adapting to and going digital is the only practical way to find out what communities and stakeholders are thinking, manage interactions, monitor and track activity and progress and operate effectively as an engagement team.


At Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint we’ve been working close with our clients to help them manage the shift to this new digital operating reality.  How are you managing your stakeholder and community engagement through these challenging times?


However you’re managing things, we hope that you and  your family are safe and well.

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