Feature Highlight – SMS Communication

With our brand new SMS feature, you can quickly and easily communicate important information or project updates with your Stakeholders and Colleagues.

Consultation Manager is leveraging Twilio’s industry-leading Programmable SMS used by over 172,000 businesses, so you can have confidence your Stakeholders will receive your messages.

Phase 1 of our SMS feature allows you to create as many messages as you like. When you send an SMS a brand new Event will be automatically created and linked to Stakeholders and Users that successfully received the text.

You can also create and save your messages in advance so you can send them at a later date.

Visit our Support Guide to learn how to use our SMS tool.

View support guide on SMS here

To provide you some insights on where we plan to take this feature, here are the things that we are working on for Phase 2:

  • Alphanumeric Sender ID so you can send from your Organisation or Project Name instead of a phone number
  • An SMS report so you can see which Stakeholders failed to receive the message and why
  • The ability to schedule your messages to send at a future date.

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