Feature Highlight – Complaint Tracking

Identifying your Stakeholder pain points and ensuring these issues are addressed can have a major impact on your engagement strategy and community perception as your projects evolve.

The new Complaint Tracking module in Consultation Manager has been tailored to maximize your ability to track, assign, and report on Stakeholder issues as they occur.


What can I track?

  • Capture the details around the complaints that matter to you, including communication channels, target resolution dates & issue tagging.
  • Link in your individual Events to build a comprehensive log of each engagement around your complaints, creating a timeline from initial engagement through to resolution.
  • Create connections between your Complaints and Stakeholders to accurately track who is raising specific issues across your Stakeholder Groups.
  • Stay on top of your Stakeholder issues by linking in follow-up actions when required by either you or another member of your team.


Visualize your Complaint Data!

Easily break down your Complaints and view the top issues raised for one or multiple projects across the last week, month or year as well as review the number of open Complaints both as a group or on a per-user level

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