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Feature Highlight – SMS & E-News

One of the keys to the success of any project or initiative is to actively keep your stakeholders informed along the way.

With our new SMS and email communication tools you can quickly send updates and important information to relevant stakeholders and colleagues. Some examples of where you might use this include project updates, newsletters, notifications of interruptions (road closures, noise, etc.) and invitations to engagement opportunities such as surveys or community meetings.


The new email builder enables you to effortlessly create detailed and engaging emails with your brand and style. The drag and drop tool makes it easy to visualise and make changes to your emails instantaneously. If you are happy with your design you can re-use previous campaigns by quickly cloning them and updating minor details to keep your style and content uniform!

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Using your existing stakeholder data in Consultation Manager you can be as granular or as broad as you like with your target audience. Some example segments include:

  • All stakeholders
  • Colleagues on site
  • Only stakeholders linked to your project
  • Stakeholders that live in a particular suburb
  • Stakeholders that have engaged with you before on online tools etc.
  • Stakeholders that have raised a particular issue

When a SMS or email communication is created and sent you will have access to analytics to help you quickly visualize which stakeholders were reached and which were unsuccessful and need updated contact details. Some of the measures include who opened your email, who successfully received your SMS, click through rates, unsubscribes and email bounces. Once you have sent a SMS or email through Consultation Manager, you will also see that communication automatically linked to any stakeholder that successfully received it so that everyone in the team can see who has been communicated with.

If you are already using CM4 and would like to learn more, you can view our support articles here.

Please contact your account manager to check if these features are included in your subscription.

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