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Did you know you can clone things in CM?

Cloning Entities

Manual data entry isn’t the most glamourous of tasks and is often met with groans, eyerolling, and sometimes resistance. On average how much time to you think you, or your team, spend doing necessary manual data entry? How much of that is the same or very similar to other data you’ve entered into the system?

For example, you have a meeting every week with the same people and the content is largely the same, but you still need to record it as a separate occurrence? Or you have an eNews for a Project update you send out regularly to the same group of Stakeholders and only a few details need to change?
Entering the same details time and time again can be long and tedious, but what if I told you it doesn’t have to be?

While we can’t clone you to do this work for you, while the real you sits on the beach, we can, and do, offer a ‘cloning’ feature. This feature allows you to make a direct copy of an entity, which you can then make any necessary adjustments.

Why would this be beneficial?

Time saver
By automating this repetitive task, it leaves more time for your team to focus on other duties.

More accurate data
Humans can sometimes make mistakes, (even the best of us!) and even with a consistent Event there is the opportunity for errors. A missed Issue, or an incorrect Stakeholder could lead to inaccuracies which you may not find until later on.

Increased morale
This might sound like a stretch, but imagine you’ve been told you have a mountain of manual data entry to do before you can go home for the day. Then imagine you’ve just been told there’s a shortcut which might actually get you out the door on time.

How do I create a clone?

You can create a clone of an Event, Stakeholder, Property, eNews, or Action by opening up the entity you wish to copy and clicking ‘Create Clone’.


This will create, and open, a new Entity with the exact same details, and relationships, in the workspace where you can edit and save.


Note: If you clone an Event or Action, the clone will change the date to the date you created the clone. That is the only aspect that will change.

So next time you’re sitting there wishing you could clone yourself to do some boring tasks, keep this little handy feature in mind. (Unfortunately we can’t get the system to do the dishes as well!)

Interested in more time saving tips? Next month we’ll be looking at our Outlook add-in.



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