Did you know we have a Microsoft add-in tool?

CM’s Microsoft Add-in

Especially around the End of Financial Year we all experience the problem of not having enough hours in the day to get through the ever-growing to-do pile.
Last month we looked at our clone function as a time saving option, but this month we’re going to take a walk through our Microsoft add-in. This is a handy feature that has been known to result in jaws dropping when shown in training sessions.

The addition in Outlook is the crowning jewel of this Add-in, where you can add emails you’ve received or sent directly into Consultation Manager as an Event, saving yourself copying and pasting your afternoon away.
Installing the add in will also show up in Excel and Word where you can seamlessly add what you’re working on as a Document into CM and share it with your team instantly.


After installing the add-in, a small button will nestle itself in the ribbon of your emails.

CM Microsoft add in

This little guy won’t appear in the normal quick view of Outlook, but will appear when you’re composing an email, fully open an email that’s been sent to you, or have an email open that you’ve just sent.

This button will open a separate window where you can log in using your existing credentials and follow the steps to input the email as an Event in the system.

Log in screen

It prompts you to choose a Project, Event Type, Issues, and alter any pre-filled information pulled from the email itself. You can also link relevant Stakeholders and Team Members, similarly to the process when using CM in the browser.

At the end of the process, you can also create a related Action and allocate it to yourself, or another member of your team to make sure any action points from the email are followed up on.
You can also make sure any attachments or images within the email are created as attached documents to the new Event.

Once you’ve completed the 5 easy steps and click complete, it will give you an itemized list of what you’re creating in the system, and the option to have a look at it in the browser. Alternatively, you can just keep adding Emails!

Excel and Word

Very similarly to Outlook, once it’s installed the add-in creates a CM button on the ribbon of Word and Excel. After logging in, exactly the same as the Outlook pop up window, it will send you through a very quick 1 step screen where you can allocate the Project, and document name before adding it into CM.

Word has another little handy feature up its sleeve, and gives you the option to perform a mail merge directly from a Distribution list within CM.

Add documents, and mail merge

It will prompt you to choose a Project, followed by a Stakeholder Distribution list you wish to access the data from. After that, you can complete Word’s existing mail merge function as per normal to compose emails or print personalized envelopes or labels.

How do I get it?

Installing the Microsoft add-in takes approximately the same amount of time as saying ‘Microsoft add-in’, and you can find it here. If you’re not an administrator on your computer, you will need to reach out to your IT team who should be able to assist with the installation.

Our Support page, along with a bunch of other cool info on CM, also has a suite of articles with more information on the Add-in.

Support page articles

Next time you’re dreading the data input from a marathon email day, remember this little time saver and get through the job twice as fast!

Stay tuned for next month we’ll be looking at a new feature in the system just released – Entity ID’s.



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