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Did you know that Consultation Manager has two ISO accreditations?


We actually have two ISO accreditations – 27001:2013 for Information Systems Management, and 9001:2015 for Quality Management.  

Recently, I had the invaluable opportunity to attend a 4-day training course to learn about ISO accreditations and their importance to an organisation. Not only did the training teach me to understand existing accreditations, but it also helped me critically evaluate our existing management system and to ensure it’s being used most effectively.  

What is ISO?  

“The term ISO is not an abbreviation, but instead derives from the Greek word īsos, meaning ‘equal’”. 

Each ISO standard is developed by a panel of industry leaders for the International Organisation for Standardisation. These standards act as a guide to develop a framework to improve organisational performance and help businesses achieve their objectives. ISO accreditation helps ensure a company and its products or services adhere to an independent worldwide standard to make things work in their most efficient way across multiple businesses. 

Why is ISO important and what does it mean for you?  

Being a technology company, which sometimes deals with highly sensitive data, we must be vigilant with our security policies. Our accreditation helps us remain consistent in a holistic way by providing a framework for us to implement effective information security controls.  

Information Systems seem like a fairly straightforward accreditation for a Software Company dealing with the occasional sensitive data, but why Quality?  

ISO Quality accreditation focuses on how we get to our end goal, rather than the outcome itself. The accreditation guidelines also help us assess whether the current business processes are an efficient and effective way to achieve company goals.  

Essentially, we want to ensure our business runs smoothly behind the scenes so we can give you, our clients, the quality service you deserve.  

What are the kinds of things you can expect to see from us as a result of our commitment to our accreditations?  

  • Improved quality and service 
  • Right first time attitude 
  • Consistency  
  • Commitment to quality 

The key questions ISO accreditation makes us ask ourselves include…  

Are we consistently looking at what we’re doing and how we are doing it? 

Are we striving to continually improve?  

At the end of the day, you can rest assured our team at Consultation Manager are continually monitoring, controlling and improving our processes make sure your information is safe and secure.  



Have any questions about our ISO accreditations? Email us at

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