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Consultation Manager Partners with EnviroIssues to Acquire EnviroLytical

Consultation Manager and EnviroLytical logos
We are delighted to announce that Consultation Manager is partnering with EnviroIssues to acquire EnviroLytical, effective 1 January 2022.

EnviroIssues was founded in 1990 with the belief that it was absolutely critical to engage communities in conversations about the policies and projects that would change their daily lives. EnviroIssues’ 100+ person team provides community engagement, facilitation, and communications services to clients across the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

EnviroIssues developed EnviroLytical in 2010 to fill a technology gap they saw in how stakeholder engagement and communications effectively inform decision-making in North America. With similar base functionality to Consultation Manager, EnviroLytical has grown successfully as part of EnviroIssues’ broader consulting offering, providing strong evidence of market demand for these solutions.

“We’re thrilled that we’ve entered into this partnership! As industry peers for years, we know Consultation Manager as one of the top leaders in engagement software. This collaboration is an important part of our ability to continue supporting community engagement long into the future,” said Elizabeth Faulkner, principal of EnviroIssues.

We recognize that EnviroLytical is actively used to manage stakeholder interactions on hundreds of projects and do not intend to disrupt this through this transition. In the coming months, we will be demonstrating Consultation Manager and the additional features and benefits we may bring to the user experience and everyday efficiencies of EnviroLytical clients.

Since 2003, Consultation Manager has constantly evolved as a highly centralized and secure stakeholder relationship management platform. As a single source of truth, Consultation Manager helps its clients better understand stakeholders’ perceptions through streamlined analysis and reporting. We are committed to continuously evolving and innovating Consultation Manager to remain at the forefront of the industry and help build meaningful stakeholder relationships and deliver better project outcomes. Consultation Manager is comprised of a dedicated and skilled team of software developers and client success advocates who are passionate about fostering effective stakeholder relationship management.

Craig Chudleigh, CEO of MySite Group, said of the acquisition, “We are delighted to become custodians of the EnviroLytical software, and their loyal community engagement clients who have been working with EnviroIssues over many years to ensure better consultation with and better outcomes for their communities.”

“The acquisition is a giant leap forward for the growth of our stakeholder relationship management footprint in the North American market and is a testament to the outstanding team we have assembled, the rapidly scaling business we have created, and our focus on continuous improvement. We are incredibly excited about the potential this unlocks for both Consultation Manager and EnviroIssues in the years to come,” continued James Moore, Managing Director of Consultation Manager.

Consultation Manager is owned and operated by MySite Group, a specialized global, software company with a focus on community and stakeholder engagement software through our core products of Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint.

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