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The Benefits of a Consultation Manager Accreditation

As technology advances, more organisations are looking for team members that can make the most of the software and boost their productivity. Seeking accreditation in Consultation Manager helps you to understand all of the platform’s features and use it to its full capabilities.

By participating in our accreditation program, you can expand your technical expertise and come away with a new credential that can help you get your next promotion, position, or client. Our accreditation empowers you with a well-rounded understanding of how to make the most of Consultation Manager, with an official recognition of your skillset.

Boost your productivity.

People that are skilled in using Consultation Manager are more productive, confident, and better at solving problems. Like any software platform, Consultation Manager is only as good as the information you put into it. That’s why investing in training for your team can help you create product champions who are experts in the system and are proactive in promoting data quality.

‘Software overwhelm’ can also be one of the biggest barriers to the uptake of any platform. Our accreditation will teach you and your team what data to capture, how to put it into the system, how to uncover insights, and reduce any feelings of overwhelm. By investing in your team’s professional development and empowering them to feel confident in their role, this will also boost performance, engagement, and retention.

Showcase your skills.

Organisations want to work with people who are experienced in stakeholder management and Consultation Manager accreditation is a benchmark for quality. It showcases that you are skilled in using a widely used stakeholder management platform that empowers productivity for over 4600+ current users across government, private sector, and non-profit organisations. After achieving your accreditation, you will receive a certificate that recognises your achievement and can be added to your LinkedIn profile or resume to showcase your skills and knowledge to recruiters.

Demonstrate your value.

A wide network of transport, infrastructure, and planning consultants use Consultation Manager and more of them are being asked about their proficiency in the platform. Consultants who have accreditation in Consultation Manager can include their certification in proposals and marketing collateral. This instills confidence in prospective clients that they can use the platform’s most advanced features to navigate any complex stakeholder management projects.

Interested in getting accredited? Read our FAQs and learn how to become an accredited Consultation Manager user.

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