CM4 Accreditation

Accreditation for CM4 is here! We’ve had a few people enquire when Accreditation for our new product CM4 will be available, and we are very happy to say sign up is now available!

This Accreditation is perfect for those Users who want to make sure their own knowledge of the system is air-tight, or Team Leaders who want to make sure their team’s knowledge is up to scratch. It covers basic data-entering methods and tips and tricks to make entering your Stakeholder engagement data a breeze!

What are the benefits of getting CM Accredited?

Mainly? It will look great on your resume. Not only that, once you pass the test, you can add it to your LinkedIn profile as an accomplishment with a unique certification number to show your CM prowess.

We know from the number of organisations approaching us looking for people skilled in CM how valuable this is. From an organisation perspective, it’s a really good way to know if you’re recruiting people with the right skills for the job.

Alternatively, if you’re a Team Leader, you can keep track of users already in your team, to see who is a CM hotshot, and who could use a little more training.

We’ve also had many consultants contact us regarding a standardised way to give their clients peace of mind when hiring them for their Project. Some of our clients have even listed CM knowledge as a pre-requisite on their consultation tenders!

What are people saying about the Accreditation program for our older product, CM3?

We introduced Accreditation for CM Users in 2018 with the goal to help empower our Users with confidence using the system, and since then we’ve had a really great response to it.

“Great experience - very straightforward.”

“My experience taking the Accreditation exam was positive.”

“Pleased to now be an Accredited User”

“My experience taking the Accreditation exam was relaxed as there was no time pressure”

What is covered in the exam and what can I study to be prepared?

Surprise pop quizzes are the stuff of nightmares, and we don’t want that! All questions from the test have been devised directly from our comprehensive User Guide (which you can download here!) Our suite of Knowledgebase articles will be very handy as well!

How long is the Accreditation valid for?

CM’s user accreditation is valid for 2 years. Technology is constantly evolving, and we’re always aiming to improve CM where we can, but we also want you to get bang for your buck.

Whether you’re a super user of the system, or someone who only logs in occasionally, we’re confident you’ll be able to nail this exam, and have that certification in no time.

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