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Case Study – Newcrest Mining Community Benefits

Newcrest Mining is one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, owning and operating a portfolio of low-cost, long-life mines, brownfield and greenfield exploration projects across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and West Africa. With over $400K donated each year from the Cadia Valley Operations alone to a variety of community and charity groups, learn how implementing one simple feature on their Consultation Manager platform has helped manage the entire community benefits program.

The Challenge

Newcrest mining realises that their economic and social contribution is critical to maintaining a license to operate.

Their Cadia Valley Operations distributes more than $400,000 each year to support community groups in the area like Salvation Army and the Smith Family. Receiving and processing hundreds of applications for sponsorship and funding each year necessitated a system that could:

  • Capture and store a history of all information relating to applications in a centralised repository
  • Manage budgets and allocation of funds to different geographic, demographic or community groups
  • Streamline the application process.

The Solution

Newcrest Mining added the Consultation Manager Community Benefits feature as a customisation to their Enterprise Platform. The Community benefits feature tracks applications for funding and manages the entire community benefits program on an ongoing basis.

Key Outcomes

  • Tracking budgetary expenditure against overall budget allocation
  • Building a profile of budgetary allocations to community groups or regions
  • Reduced manual data entry and double handling with data automatically feeding into Consultation Manager
  • Simplification and increased transparency of assessments with record of approval/rejections
  • Ability to have oversight of, and report on the outcomes of the program. View reports.

“The Consultation Manager Community Benefits feature has been a huge time saver. Now our records are more accurate and comprehensive”.

 Alison Farrar, Newcrest Mining

Watch the Newcrest Mining Testimonial.

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