$15.2 Billion Announced for Infrastructure in Federal Budget

The Australian Government has announced their commitment of $15.2bn over 10 years for Road, Rail and Community Infrastructure projects as part of its stimulus measures to support employment in the post-pandemic economy.

Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, said the substantial new funding delivered in this Budget was a key play by the Federal Government to help Australia bounce back stronger than ever from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The record investment in infrastructure defines the success of local communities for years to come and sets Australia up for the future. Consultation Manager continues to be utilised on large infrastructure projects throughout Australia to engage, consult, listen and report on critical stakeholder information throughout the development of large Government projects.

Morrison Government announces 1.2 billion investment for the digital economy

The Australian Federal Government has allocated $1.2bn to building Australia’s digital future through the Digital Economy Strategy. Building and developing homegrown technology to support innovation, especially in community and stakeholder engagement, has been critical as we navigate through and out of a global pandemic. Digital stakeholder management tools have allowed us to engage and consult communities, communicate important information in real-time, and generate simple and intuitive reports to help guide critical decision-making in community recovery and infrastructure.

The Australian digital transformation and modernisation said to be implemented by 2030 is not merely a national transformation but a global transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the importance of quick, seamless, and intuitive online communications and management.

Colin Goudie, Chief Technology Officer of Consultation Manager and Founder of Social Pinpoint, said of the digital transformation investment, “This is a really exciting announcement, as people globally have already been connecting and participating online for many years. At Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint, we realised early on the power of cloud-based software that enables our clients to listen, consult, inform and report on stakeholder interactions from any digital device”.

“Our tools were rapidly adopted globally through the pandemic to communicate with individuals where they already were- online! The rapid shift to digital showed engagement and planning professionals the full capabilities of our platforms, including delivering projects on time and within budget by identifying issues and common themes early on before they become a problem. This was especially helpful with many community and infrastructure projects being time-critical during the pandemic” he continued.

“The investment from the Morrison Government highlights the importance of modernising business practices in any industry, and we look forward to working with our clients on upcoming infrastructure projects as we build for a stronger, post-pandemic economy”.

Australian Infrastructure projects funded by post-pandemic recovery funds

Australian Capital Territory

Total 2021-22 Budget funding: $167.3 million

Predicted jobs created: 200+

Key projects to be funded include:

  • $26.5 million to duplicate the remaining sections of William Hovell Drive
  • An additional $5 million for Gundaroo Drive Duplication
  • $2.5 million for upgrades to Beltana Road in Pialligo
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Australian Government Departments using Consultation Manager to deliver large infrastructure projects

iSeek Plant recently published an article on Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, highlighting the use of Consultation Manager on 10 out of 12 major projects to deliver simple and intuitive stakeholder engagement and management.

Dylan Black, Product Specialist at Consultation Manager said “The biggest infrastructure projects in Australia are using Consultation Manager to help manage all of their stakeholder relationships and meet all regulatory requirements throughout the delivery of their projects. The platform makes it easy for Government and delivery partners to collaborate and share data across projects they are working on”.

“Consultation Manager allows you to seamlessly report on trending issues and sentiment of each project as well as inform stakeholders of project updates and other important information via SMS and Email. Users can also easily manage the properties that are affected by large infrastructure projects by storing all relevant ownership information including documentation such as land agreements, in the platform” he said.

Consultation Manager has been widely adopted long-term by Government departments throughout Australia to deliver large-scale infrastructure projects, such as the Victorian Department of Transport and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in South Australia.

To support Consultation Manager clients and the wider industry with the planning, strategy, and execution of post-pandemic infrastructure development projects, we are offering free 1-hour strategy sessions with our product specialist team. Schedule a meeting below to discuss how Consultation Manager can best support your stakeholder management strategy to deliver projects seamlessly, on time and within budget.

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