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The time saving tool you need now: Microsoft Office Toolset for CM

We know you’re busy and we want to help. That’s why we’ve developed a toolset to help you work more efficiently.

Using our Microsoft Office Toolset you can upload emails, documents and spreadsheets directly to Consultation Manager. All without having to leave what you’re working on.

Click here to install the Toolset

How will the Microsoft Office Toolset help me?

  • Save time
  • Reduce stress
  • Stop double handling data
  • Focus more on the task at hand

Here’s how it works:


To share an email to CM

1. When you are ready to send your email, click the CM icon ‘add then send’

2. A CM window will pop up prompting you to log in if you are not already

3. Select the attachments, project, event, issues, stakeholders and team members that the email is related to

4. Click ‘add then send’

This also works for emails that you have received into your inbox.

Diagram displaying how to login to Consultation Manager with the Microsoft Office toolset in Outlook
Figure 1. Microsoft Outlook: to upload emails to Consultation Manager, click the CM icon, login and assign related details.

Word and Excel

To upload a Word document or Excel sheet to CM

1. Save what you are working on

2. Click the CM icon

3. Assign the document or sheet to a project

4. Done

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