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Our Story

Consultation Manager was founded in 2003 to meet the need for better stakeholder data management. After working in community consultation for five years, Co-Founder Colin McEown realised teams undertaking big projects spread across the country needed a way to share knowledge and data. The solution to this problem was to create a web-based platform. So, in a time when ‘cloud’ only referred to the white fluffy masses floating in the sky, CM became the first cloud-based stakeholder management platform.

CM first commenced in Brisbane and the entire CM team is still based there. This includes our Support Team, Account Managers and full Development Crew. If you ever need to speak to your Account Manager, our Support Staff, our Head of Development, or even our COO or CEO, you can. Our entire staff are available during Australian business hours to support you. We do not outsource development or data processing activities to foreign countries under any circumstances.

Today, CM is used on thousands of corporate, government and not-for-profit projects internationally.


Craig Chudleigh

Craig Chudleigh

CEO and Director
Before Consultation Manager, Craig worked in investment banking in Asia for 15 years, where he developed an understanding or the skills required to produce a stable, happy, productive workplace. Read More

Craig's main focus at CM is creating an environment where people love coming to work, and he is a major proponent of the importance of work-life balance. He says 'every day we should engage with our brains, our bodies and our souls.'
Every chance he gets, Craig heads to the great outdoors. He and his family share a passion for skiing in the winter, and trail running, mountain biking and hiking in the warmer months.

Annoying habit: Craig grew up on a farm, so he gets up with the sun. Unfortunately that often makes him a very dull dinner companion

Andrew McKay

Andrew McKay

Co-Founder, COO and Director
Before Consultation Manager, Andrew worked in London and Brisbane as a management accountant, and prior to that up in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory in aboriginal communities as a Council Accountant and Town Clerk. Read More

Like Craig he is from the country and in fact the Mackay sugar cane farm he grew up on has been in his family for five generations. Andrew is committed to growing a successful, value-driven business and takes a leading role in promoting CM's internal culture and how we treat our clients.




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