Project Dashboard

Easily access your live data through our Dashboard insights.

Stay on top of your Projects top issues as they evolve with our Top Issues tracker or easily access a breakdown of your main engagement methods over the last 30-days across each or all of your Projects.

Our Dashboard also helps you stay on top of your action items, we’ll highlight your overdue and upcoming tasks to make sure you never miss an item.


Data visualisation

Reporting Modules: Populate our various reporting modules with your live data for instant insights into your interactions including a breakdown of your issues over time and month-to-month sentiment.

In Search Insights: Dive deeper into your searches with an instant visual breakdown from search allowing you to change from grid to doughnut view in just one click.

Mapping: Easily map your Stakeholders through our in-built mapping tool, drop-in additional search layers to visualize clusters of Issues or Stakeholder Groups across your regions.

Advanced reporting & search

Insights at every stage


Full history report

With our Snapshot report, you can be sure that you can quickly and easily collate all information for a particular record in the system.

This means that you can show all data such as Properties, Interactions, and Documents linked to a particular Stakeholder or Organisation.


Monthly statistics report

Use the statistics report to quickly understand your data. The statistics report will visually display the topics, sentiment and channels of your engagement.

Use this data to better understand trending issues within the community and be one step ahead with your engagement. This report can be used to provide clear and accurate details of your engagement up the chain, or for use in an Environmental Impact Study.

Advanced Search

For example, easily search for follow-up activities related to priority stakeholders, or identify properties within a specific postcode which have been the subject of negative engagement.

Review your data in a table, chart or map view, or run reports on complex search queries to review your data in other formats.

Save searches for frequent use throughout your system.



Using our Tabular Report you can quickly export any or all of your data stored in your account into a CSV file. You can also use our API to directly pull data into your own storage warehouses.

This information can then be used in other tools, such as communication or business intelligence software.


A powerful community engagement suite


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