Community and Stakeholder Engagement Technology for Infrastructure

Leverage our solutions to reach more stakeholders and build a future that people want to live in.

Strategically manage complex stakeholder relationships

Infrastructure projects impact a vast number of stakeholder groups across an expansive geographic area. 

Whether you’re working on rail networks, roads, maritime services, or airports, you need technology that helps you navigate a wide range of complex stakeholder relationships from point to point and end to end.

Create real and lasting value

Our community and stakeholder engagement technology enables you to gather, analyse, and balance diverse priorities. 

Empower more people with a say in the infrastructure projects that impact their daily lives, tap into collective intelligence, and envision a future in which people and places are supported with our digital solutions. 

Enhance decision making to deliver better outcomes

Use data and analytics to connect a variety of perspectives, make transparent decisions, and engage strategically. 

Our technology helps you mitigate stakeholder risks and realise opportunities throughout the entire project lifecycle so you arrive at better solutions on time and within budget. 


Social Pinpoint

A comprehensive community engagement solution that supports you in the online participation process to broaden your reach, build an active community, and inform better decision-making.

Consultation Manager

A centralised stakeholder relationship management platform. Understand your stakeholders’ perceptions, engage strategically, and build better relationships with a single source of truth.

Trusted by leading infrastructure organisations

State and local governments, as well as major consultants, have used our online technology to reach more people and manage an ever-expanding network of stakeholder relationships.

We have successfully helped deliver some of Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects in history – from the Sydney Metro to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Australia’s Inland Rail, and more.

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