Make your CM Dashboard work for you

You see it every day as soon as you log in. You might not even register it anymore before you dive into the search tab to begin your day’s work.
But what is even on the dashboard?

You may be aware that it’s full of snapshots and quick links, but is there anything there you can customise to make your job easier?
There certainly is!

Dashboard 1

Event Calendar and Action Calendar

These two widgets are probably the best ones to be able to customise. You can change them to allow for easy viewing of upcoming Events and Actions. You’ll never be caught off-guard again!

By clicking on the small spanner icon, you can customise what you see, and how you see it.

Dashboard 2

This is also where you can alter the name of the Calendar, and no, changing this won’t change for any other team member as well, so this can be whatever you want.

You can also select whose information you’d like to see. Only want to see your own? You can absolutely do that. Have a team you need to make sure is on top of their Actions? Also totally achievable.

There’s also the option of showing upcoming Actions and Events in a list view. Having it in a list display will show you exactly what you’ve got coming up, what you’ve completed, and allow you to open that entity straight away without searching for it.

Dashboard 3

Top 5 Chart

You may recognise this one if you’re familiar with the Event statistics report. This will show you at a glance what the top 5 categories are in the Projects you’re logged into. By clicking the handy spanner icon, you can customise this to show either Event Types, Issues, Stakeholder Lists, or Stakeholder Groups.

Dashboard 4

Quick Training Videos

Not sure how to do something within CM? Or simply need a brush up on your existing skills? We have a bunch of training videos that are available to every user covering a wide variety of information of the system.


Some of these are quick links to take you to various parts of the system, for example, the Profile icon will take you to your profile, documents, to the documents etc. Other links will take you to some additional information on these available features.

Our Support icon will take you through to our Support knowledge base, where you can find a variety of different articles to help you with the system.
If you can’t find what you’re after there, you can raise a ticket with our dedicated Support team to help you out!

Project Statistics

This widget is handy if you’re unsure what types of entities you can enter into the system, or to familiarise yourself with what their icons would look like throughout the system.
Additionally, simply clicking on the word of the entity will take you directly to search on that type of entity in the search function.

Finally, if you don’t like the layout of the widgets on the dashboard, you can simply drag and drop the widgets until it suits you!
Made some changes you’re not digging? You can restore the dashboard back to it’s default settings by right clicking on some empty space and selecting ‘Reset to Default’.

Dashboard 5

Interested in seeing how you can plot Events, Stakeholder, and Properties to identify hotspots of Issues? Next week we’ll be taking a look at our Mapping function which allows just that!



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